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CACC Programs


At Crispus Attucks Children's Center, we nurture and care for each child individually, helping them grow up strong and smart. Every day, our highly trained teachers guide children through a range of multi-sensory activities that help them learn, share, and most of all, enjoy their childhood. From babies as young as 1.5 months to boisterous pre-schoolers up to age six, Crispus Attucks Children's Center is there to guide your child through all stages of their development. 


We believe that healthy minds and healthy bodies go hand in hand. To that end, we’ve designed a proactive, holistic curriculum that is unique among early education programs. Our learning system, called “Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies,” supports every area of a child’s growth and development both mentally and physically.


The “Healthy Minds, Healthy Bodies” curriculum is organized into three levels: the Infant Program, the Toddler Program, and the Pre-School Program. At each level, innovative, creative and well-supervised educational activities, projects, and interactions encourage the total development of each child. Age-appropriate lesson plans address each child’s differing needs, interests, and developmental level. Our well-trained teaching staff and volunteers ensure that each child is successful in achieving developmental milestones.


In addition to our core early education curriculum, we also provide services designed to address all aspects of a child’s development and to provide support and assistance to their parents. Some examples are:


  • The Strong Start Early Mental Health Initiative, provides screening, assessments, and services to promote positive mental health and strong social and emotional development in every child.

  • Social Services for short-term counseling, resources, and referrals for families, and to coordinate special needs and disability services.

  • Food Services to provide nutritious meals (breakfast, lunch and p.m. snack) that meets the Bureau of Nutrition’s Guidelines for feeding infants and young children.

  • An attached natural playground and large indoor gross motor area to ensure physical activity play and social interaction every single day.

  • Field trips for preschoolers to enhance their knowledge of the world beyond their local neighborhood and experiences on the CACC campus.


By addressing the physical, emotional, social, nutritional, and cognitive development of each child, CACC is able to support all of the critical components of a whole child’s growth and development. By supporting each child in a holistic way, we are able to guide the development of each child’s sense of self, their culture and their community. 


For each child, we provide full, year-round education, two nutritious meals and one snack daily, a multicultural and diverse environment, and skills to go out and conquer the world. And with many of our multi-lingual teachers and staff, we incorporate learning beginner-friendly Spanish words, including signs that are in Spanish too that we have around our classrooms. Find out more about the diverse, caring, and enriching experience we can provide for your child by contacting us today.

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