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Infants- 6 weeks to 15 months

  • Our classrooms are designed to create a safe space, predictable, and nurturing environment for each child.

  • Infants are assessed four times per year to ensure they are meeting physical, socio-emotional, cognitive, and language milestones.

  • Detailed records of each child's progress are kept to inform parent-teacher conferences and interventions

  • Most importantly, our staff works to develop a close and caring bond with ech infant from their first day at CACC.

Toddler- 16 months to 2 years

Careful screening is done for each child to diagnose any developmental delays and curate a strategy to support the child.

All children receive free dental screenings by the Boston University School of Dentistry.

Our curriculum fosters early literacy and language skills.

Staff collaborate with parents or guardians to ensure a smooth transition to CACC.

Prekindergarten- 3 years to 6 years

  • Children are encouraged to explore the world of reading, science, math, art, and technology.

  • Our curriculum is designed to promote independence, social skills, cooperation, and emotional regulation.

  • CACC ensures that every child leave prepared to succeed in elementary school. 

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