Crispus Attucks Activities

Silly Hat Day

Silly Hat Day 2021

Infant in PJs

Pajama Day 2021

Group photo

Ms. Asha and Ms. Deborah with our infants on Pajama Day!

Infant feet painting

We had a feet painting activity with our infants.

P1 infants feet painting

"Fall in love with learning."

Growing grass

Our pre-school students are learning how to plant and grow grass.

Harvest theme

It's Harvest/Fall season, and our students are dressed in style!

Jumping blocks

Pre-school students getting active in the classroom!


Our UPK students are going over their letters, and reviewing sign language!


Learning how to be kind to our friends is extremely important for a positive learning environment.


Our UPK students are building together!

Infant walking

One of our infants is learning how to walk!


Our students' artwork on one of the pre-school classroom walls.

Infants playing

Our infants playing together in our Movement Zone.

Art exhibit 2021

One of our pre-school teachers having an afternoon read outdoors with our pre-schoolers!

Art Exhibit 2021

Large art portraits that were made by our students for our 2021 Art Exhibit!

Arts & crafts

Arts and crafts time with our toddlers!

Art Exhibit 2021

Our students' finger art work hanging from one of our trees - Art Exhibit 2021

Circle time

Circle time with our toddlers - during this time we read, sing, dance, and learn!

Pre-k paints

Our pre-schoolers getting creative with paint!

Art Exhibit 2021

Plate art works created by some of our students - Art Exhibit 2021


Play time in the classroom with our pre-schoolers.

trying on BPD hat _edited

This is our children getting a chance to take turns trying on the Boston Police Department hat.

Infant painting

Our infant is painting!

Graduation 2019

Our Preschoolers getting ready to perform at their Class Of 2019 Graduation!

Zoo trip for the Children to meet the animals they learned about in the classroom!

Ms. Merci showing off the Watermelon

Our Preschool Classroom planted fresh fruit and Veggies at the Beginning of the Summer, Now they are ready to eat!

Boston Ballet

Our Preschoolers had a opportunity to visit the Boston Ballet School, and got to watch them practice and even learn a quick routine!

Fine Arts Museum

Here is an exciting image of our students in the Museum of Fine Arts, learning about Ancient Egypt, Asia, Africa and many more!

Infants at FieldDay

Our Toddlers enjoying our Field Day this summer! Outside activities are very important.