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Toddler Programs


15 months to 2.9 years


Our literacy-rich classrooms promote early language skills and reading readiness, while playful, supervised activities support social interactions. Our award-winning curricula** is at the core of our work with toddlers and provides a range of multi-sensory activities to help each child grow, learn and develop in a way best suited to their needs. We use the Creative Curriculum and the Active Learning Series for our toddlers programs.


At Crispus Attucks Children's Center, we nurture and care for each child individually, helping them grow up strong and smart. Every day, our trained teachers guide children through a range of multi-sensory activities that help them learn, share, and most of all enjoy their childhood. From babies as young as 1.5 months to boisterous pre-schoolers up to age six, Crispus Attucks Children's Center is there to guide your child through all stages of their development. 


CACC takes a long-term approach to screen the whole child which utilizes outside/specialized resources. It starts during intake with a comprehensive parent interview, along with a physical and birth record to establish a child 's developmental/family history. Within the first 30 days of enrollment, we use The Creative Curriculum for initial assessment-referring back, if indicated, to a child's physician/other knowledgeable specialists, having the child screened by our in-house mental health specialist, utilizing the Infant/Toddler Social-Emotional Assessment Tool; referral for a neurological and/or physical evaluation. The process takes into consideration child/family culture/values and is carefully reviewed by our Inter-Disciplinary Team (lDT). As part of the process, Boston Metro and Child Care Choices provide onsite screening services. Additionally, all children receive dental screenings by the Boston University School of Dentistry.

After the first 30 days, our policy is to complete this initial evaluation to determine/diagnose any developmental delays and plan intervention strategies based on need. During all phases of developmental screening, parents are engaged in information sharing/decision-making. If parents need advocacy and support, CACC provides it.


Given the variability in quality and cultural bias among available tools, and partly due to our concern that our staff is able to effectively use the tool, we are conducting evaluations to select a screening tool for infants/toddlers.


We believe that preparation/collaboration is essential to successful transitions. We consult parents before enrollment to learn about family situations/conditions that may affect children and establish baseline needs. This prepares teachers/families to manage transitions successfully. Parents are encouraged to stay for their child(ren)'s first three half-days and return to assist with any transition problems. Teachers accompany infants/toddlers transferring to new classes, staying until they are comfortable. Foster grandparents nurture children to aid transitions. Parents are often present for transitions to new classes/activities. We prepare parents for changes so they can help ease transitions for their child(ren). Find out more about the diverse, caring, and enriching experience we can provide for your child by contacting us today.

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